Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery – Louisville, Kentucky

Bunion Surgery
Hallux Valgas is the proper medical term for a bunion. A bunion is a deformity involving the large big toe joint.

Causes of Bunions
There is a significant hereditary component involved in the development of the bunion deformity. Abnormal function of the foot also leads to bunion deformity.

Treatment of Bunions
Conservative treatment options are available. Shoe modifications, padding, anti-inflammatory medications and orthotics may be utilized to eliminate painful symptoms.

There are many surgical procedures available to treat the bunion deformity. Dr. Preuss will identify and explain which procedure is right for you. Dr. Preuss prefers to perform his surgical procedures at Physicians Medical Center, a physicians owned and managed hospital, when your bunion deformity is being surgically treated, it is not uncommon that other deformities such as hammertoes and tailor’s bunions can be treated as well.

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