Surgical Alternative Severe Heel Pain

Surgical Alternative for Severe Heel Pain – Louisville, Kentucky

OssaTron Shockwave MachineIn addition to our surgical services, Dr. H. Fred Preuss recommends a non-invasive surgical alternative for severe heel pain relief. This service is called Orthotripsy™ and is performed with an OssaTron™ shockwave machine.

Is the Treatment Safe?
Yes. Developed in 1991 and widely used in Europe, the OssaTron is the first shockwave device specifically designed and FDA-approved for orthopedic use. A wealth of medical experience and state-of-the-art engineering have been built into the OssaTron. Extensive clinical studies and tests have confirmed its safety and efficiency.

What is the OssaTron™?
The OssaTron is a high-energy shockwave device that provides a non-invasive surgical alternative for patients diagnosed with chronic plantar fasciitis (severe heel pain). This non-invasive out-patient procedure represents a breakthrough treatment for this condition.

Using a unique technology known as Orthotripsy, the OssaTron device emits a series of high-energy acoustic impulses (shockwaves) to stimulate healing of the affected heel.

Why Should You Consider Orthotripsy Versus Surgery?
Orthotripsy with the OssaTron device has a proven success rate that exceeds that of open surgery. Orthotripsy requires a minimal amount of time. Most importantly, patients can bear weight immediately and return to normal activity within days of the procedure. They have no incisions or risks of infections.

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