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Dr. Preuss – Podiatric Surgeon

Thank you for considering the offices of Dr. H. Fred Preuss, Jr. for your foot and ankle related pain and injuries!

Dr Preuss Louisville PodiatristDr. Preuss and the entire staff of our convenient four area Louisville podiatrist locations strive to deliver the very best in foot and ankle care. We specialize in old-fashioned service and contemporary medical technologies. Our attention to detail is second to none!

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We offer same day appointments, when needed, and we are in-network providers for most insurance companies, including: Humana, Anthem, and Medicare.

Our friendly office staff has been praised by many of our patients for efficiency and professionalism. During office hours, a friendly staff member always answers the phone, as we do not believe automated systems provide you with the attention you deserve. We pride ourselves on excellent personal foot and ankle patient services. We schedule procedures and surgeries quickly and efficiently. And, if a patient has a question with a statement, we handle those issues immediately as well.

We value each and every one of our foot and ankle patients, and we know it shows.

We accept most traditional insurance plans. Call your primary care doctor if you need a referral. We file all insurance claims and you will receive a monthly statement from our office.

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(812) 923-9837
(We will schedule you at our closest Louisville area podiatrist office.)

Floyds Knobs Office:
3684 Hwy. 150, Ste. 3
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119
(812) 923-9837

Bardstown Rd. Office:
6323 Bardstown Rd.
Fern Creek, KY 40291
(502) 231-1206

Dixie Highway Office:
2905 Dixie Hwy.
Louisville, KY 40216
(502) 778-9666

LaGrange Rd. Office:
311 LaGrange Road
PeWee Valley, KY 40056
(502) 241-0011